Jessica Fontana

Jessica leads Enilon’s operations group providing strategic and financial insight to the business, and helping prioritize opportunities that drive value creation. She oversees all of Enilon’s financial and accounting matters, including: financial reporting, budgeting, forecasting and analysis, she is also responsible for developing and implementing organizational strategies and cultural transformation initiatives. The discipline of 10+ years in digital marketing operational roles drives her focus for operational excellence and is at the heart of her every responsibility.

Successfully Transitioning Your Team From Location-Based to Remote Working

There is no sugar coating the fact that we are experiencing unchartered territory as a nation where every minute brings new, and in most cases, daunting information. Enilon, at our core, believes in getting the difficult challenges done. Not just any difficult – your difficult. This transcends size, product, industry, and yes, even pandemics. Uncertain […]

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Agile Marketing & Success with the Client/Agency Relationship

Agile principles have recently gained significant traction outside of its origins in software development and have woven its way into marketing. With this movement, “Agile” has become a bit of a buzzword. Agencies are more frequently hearing a desire from clients to partner with agencies who are “Agile.” Admittedly, this bodes well for agencies as […]

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How A Project Manager Achieves “No Surprises”

Project Management is something that varies from one agency to another. Some have a full PM department, while others don’t have a single PM on staff. Usually in the latter, the Account Manager is not only responsible for client management and relationships, but also for serving the functions of Project Management. At Enilon, Project Management […]

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Keeping Your Projects on Time and On Budget

Let’s be honest, we don’t like issuing change orders any more than you like receiving them, nor do we enjoy having to rework schedules. So help us – help you. Here are a few simple tips to avoid unnecessary change orders and project delays.  Planning Never underestimate the value in adequate planning upfront. Be sure […]

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