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Content Marketing Measurement from A to Z

Content Marketing is a vital part of your digital marketing plan. Often, in an organization’s haste to get their content marketing plan up to speed, they don’t pause to determine how to best measure success.

A common frustration tends to be getting real traction around measuring conversions and revenue directly from content.

We understand that issue and went to see if there was already a guide out there on the nuts and bolts of how to attribute success from beginning to end on any type of content journey.

There are some really great guides out there about measurement strategy or tips, but nothing significant that shows me specifically how to do it!

So like any good content marketer would do, we created our own!

Our start to finish, step-by-step guide drops you right into Google Analytics and shows you what to do, why it matters, and real world application you can see.

Identifying Business Goals

At the start of any great content plan is a business goal to reach. This comes as common knowledge to serious marketers, but we give you a little background on what we use as a model when starting a new content campaign.

Meaningful Goals in Analytics

Google Analytics is a great place to get prebuilt reports and data. The problem is that it is not setup up for great content marketing measurement insights straight out of the box. We give you specific recommendations and examples of how we do it for our clients.

Measuring Prospects with Events

Want to know which content is getting conversions versus which is just getting engagement? It’s important to be able to make smart decisions about future content with real world data. That’s what we help you with  here.

Getting Surgical with Segments

Awesome goals and insightful engagement data is nice, but don’t you want to be able to breakdown who is doing the clicking and buying? We show you how Google Analytics segments help you find out what formats perform best, which devices get you the most engagement, and what that looks like in a real example.

Getting More Insights from Your Measurements

At the end of the day you need to make recommendations that drive revenue. Our best practices and processes are on display to give you a quicker route to those all important decisions.

Creating Content Dashboards

Want more time to think about content instead of digging for data? Set up a content dashboard that delivers an effectiveness temperature anytime day or night. Our typical dashboard example is here for you as well.

enilon-az-cover-v2So go dig into all 40+ pages of the comprehensive guide and let us know what you think. And do us a favor and share the guide with someone you think can benefit from it.

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