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AMC’s hit series Mad Men has formed perceptions in the minds of many of its viewers about what the world of advertising is like. For those of us who work in that industry, we constantly find our line of work compared to the weekly soap’s plotline. While some things about advertising have stayed the same since the 1960’s Mad Men era, much has changed. So in the great words of Mr. Don Draper himself, “If you don’t like what’s being said, change the conversation.” The Enilon team is here to set the record straight.

What really goes on inside an advertising agency? Let’s take a deeper look at a few Mad Men common themes and see just how real or embellished they really are.

Last Minute Client Pitch

While last minute client pitches aren’t ideal, they do happen!  Sometimes you have to do whatever it takes, even pull an all-nighter, to get a shot at a great opportunity. Given the choice, we will always choose more time to research and prepare, but we are always up for the challenge if a last-minute opportunity arises that we feel passionately about.

One-Man Shop

Our motto at Enilon is “Never about the ONE.” We are certainly NOT a one-man shop.  We have three partners that play various roles within the agency, but the entire team functions on teamwork. We happen to wholeheartedly agree with the words of Steven Anderson: “Alone we are smart. Together we are brilliant.” We can accomplish so much more as a unit, than we can on our own.

All Play, No Work

If this were the case, we would all be out of jobs! We just happen to have fun while doing our work. As an agency, like any service-oriented business, time is our currency.  We can’t afford NOT to get our work done.  And with so many looming project deadlines, play is only an option on a daily basis if it comes in the form of a break or impressive multitasking – which has also been known to happen. We do, however, value culture and make having fun together a priority at least once a month with planned social activities for the group.

It’s All About the Creative

While most people associate advertising with pretty pictures in the form of print ads, billboards and TV commercials, there is so much more to what agencies do. Technology has changed how agencies think and operate, as well as how “creative” is delivered. It all begins with the development of a strategy that addresses a set of business objectives.  From there, a plan is developed to support the strategy, which ultimately results in the pretty pictures that you see. There are hundreds of steps between the final product that is seen by the general public and the onset of a client “ask”. Today, when proving ROI is critical, it is as much about the moving pieces in and around the pretty picture as it is about the aesthetically pleasing experience that the creative delivers. So, it’s not all about the creative, but we do love that part as much as the next person.

Crazy Holiday Parties

We will get back to you on this in January <wink>.

Crazy Antics At Work

This absolutely happens!  It’s less about being an ad agency and more about the desire to have fun and foster an exciting, energetic culture. We love what we do and whom we do it with, so that naturally fosters the occasional shenanigan.

Drinking on the Job

Does this happen?  On occasion it does, but we don’t sit around the office all day in oversized chairs with our feet up and a glass of Scotch. We are all responsible adults and sometimes choose to have a beer or glass of wine at the end of a workday as we wrap up our week. It’s casual, social and very responsible.


While we can’t speak for all agencies, that is your peek behind the Enilon curtain. The world of advertising is fast-paced, challenging and certainly never dull, but the Mad Men dramatic flare exists to keep you watching and doesn’t portray an accurate picture of what we do each day.

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