5 Reasons We Chose Pantheon For Web Hosting

Choosing your web host is as important as picking the right partner to grow your business. And, like making the decision for the right agency, web hosting brings along a whole list of words that can sometimes be confusing. You might hear words or phrases like:

  • The cloud
  • Cloud servers/sites
  • Server performance
  • Varnish caching
  • Redundant backups
  • Hostnames
  • ICANN, DNS, WHOIS and a million other acronyms
  • Domain Registrars, and more…

Having worked with several web hosting companies over the years, Enilon has chosen to partner with Pantheon for web hosting, and offers exclusive pricing as part of our web site packages. While it’s not a requirement to partner with us, keeping everything under one roof makes things a whole lot easier for our team when it comes to providing technical support for your website, managing site updates, inevitable fixes, and new additions later down the road – saving everyone time and money.

Pantheon provides an assortment of class-leading features that help your website perform faster and more reliable than it would with other hosts – even performing at its best when faced with the largest amount of traffic you can throw at it. Pantheon is the supporting partner that helps keep our clean code performing for you, every second of every day.

We asked our development team what their five favorite features of Pantheon were. This is what they said:

  1. Site Performance – Pantheon runs on Google Cloud Servers, some of the fastest and most secure servers in the world. When moving some of our older sites over from other hosts to Pantheon, we’ve found as much as a 3 second decrease in load time for sites. That’s with zero modifications to the website’s code. Pantheon’s blazing fast speed makes things like high user bounce rates and low conversion rates due to site speed worries of the past.
  2. Varnish Site Cache – For many website hosts, there is no real caching support on the server level, which forces website developers to install plugins on the site level or utilize off-server CDN caching. Despite trying to help speed your site up, this approach can overuse server resources that end up actually slowing down your site. With Varnish Site Caching, your sites’ cache resides at the server level, which means your site loads faster because it’s a built-in natural process to cache commonly used objects, pages, and code for quick loading. This makes overall site/page load times faster and keeps your customers browsing and coming back.
  3. Multi-Development Environments – Ready to add e-commerce? Launch a new product section? Maybe add some landing pages to support a digital marketing campaign? Pantheon offers multiple development environments that are copies of your live site, in which you can vet and test your new pages or features to your site, without having to worry about taking down your live site or interrupting the traffic flowing to it. Our developers love testing out new updates in these development environments to ensure that updates and upgrades go smoothly, so nobody has to worry about troubleshooting a big update – and the associated issues it may bring – on a live site ever again.
  4. World-Class Security – Because Pantheon’s servers are run on Google Cloud Servers, which are known for their safety and speed, their server level security features will have you sleeping soundly while they monitor and block potential threats. In addition, Pantheon’s support team monitors WordPress core and plugin updates for threats and notifies us of required updates, keeping your site safe from hackers and vulnerabilities.
  5. Killer Support – If you’ve ever had your site go down with your current host, you no doubt find that it’s the result of too much traffic or a problem with the server itself. While this frustrating circumstance can happen to anyone, Pantheon support works hard to combat these issues with 24/7 support. And if it does (although we have rarely seen it happen), support is ready to answer questions, help troubleshoot and work with the Enilon development team in order to get your site back up as quickly as possible.

Is your site performing beyond your expectations? Let’s make it happen!

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