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Email Marketing: It All Started 40 Years Ago

The concept of email marketing first appeared in 1978, thanks in part to Gary Thuerk, a marketing manager working at Digital Equipment Corporation, who sent the first unsolicited email with the hope of selling something, to 400 unsuspecting recipients who were using ARPANET, one of the first iterations of what we now know as the Internet. […]

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How to Answer Your Customer’s Voice Search Queries

Our reliance upon voice-enabled digital assistant platforms such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant into our digital lives is growing as our adoption rate of these new technologies keeps setting records. One estimate (already a year old) put stand-alone device growth at 130%. As a digital marketing agency, new opportunities to help our clients amplify […]

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Great Content Strategies That Will Make You Rethink Your Own Policies

Content, in the context of a digital market, is anything that you publish: words, images, videos, audio – it all counts as content. Your content should serve as a bridge from point A to point B. But that’s just basic content. We want great content, right? So… WHAT IS GREAT CONTENT? Great content starts with […]

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Five Email Marketing Optimization Tactics

Too many people overlook email marketing in favor of other marketing platforms such as social media or print advertisement. With nearly 80 percent of marketing emails sent to adults weekly never actually being opened, can you blame them? Why spend all that time crafting an email that is just going to be ignored? This is where […]

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Presentation: Building an ROI Focused Content Strategy Plan

Unread content is not good

Here is the deck for our talk at the PRSA (Public Relations Society of America) – Fort Worth from February 10th – “Building an ROI Focused Content Strategy Plan”. You can also get the full worksheet with all four sections of questions under the deck if that’s what you are after! Building an ROI-focused Content […]

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