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What is The Right-Sized Marketing Investment for Middle-Market Businesses?

With marketing, if you invest more, can you get more? Sometimes, but not always. How much do you need to invest for it to be worth it? Good question! In our experience working with middle-market companies, there are some key considerations that help us and our clients determine the right-sized marketing spend and mix: Company […]

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How to Answer Your Customer’s Voice Search Queries

Our reliance upon voice-enabled digital assistant platforms such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant into our digital lives is growing as our adoption rate of these new technologies keeps setting records. One estimate (already a year old) put stand-alone device growth at 130%. As a digital marketing agency, new opportunities to help our clients amplify […]

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In 2018, CMOs Will Have to “Grow or Go”

You may have read Forrester’s latest report warning how pressure for growth will increase dramatically in 2018. Citing “grow or go” as the new industry mantra, this focus on outbreak and sustainable growth is prompting many fortune 500 companies to consider a disruptive role change at CMO, preferring to entrust their organization’s growth to a CGO. […]

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Leveraging Demographics In Paid Search

Demographics have long been the firm foundation all of marketing is built upon. Identifying one’s target demographics is the first — and arguably the most critical — step to creating a successful ad campaign. This ideology remains consistent no matter the format. Whether it be print, television, paid social, or paid search, knowing your clients’ […]

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Creating The Ultimate Customer Experience

Converging Bought Media & CRM When interactions within brick & mortar businesses were the primary method for customer engagement, it was human nature to craft your sales pitch specifically for each of your customers in order to ensure that they knew you cared about them as a customer. Merchants were willing to retain every detail […]

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When Creative and Data Work Together, It’s a Beautiful Thing

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As a creative, I have learned over time the value of good data and most recently come to love it very much. I’m in a love triangle: creative, data, and me. I have always appreciated strong digital strategy. It was always easier for me to create ideas that laddered up to a strategy that was […]

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