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Google Rebranding: What Does It Mean For Me?

Change is good. Change is scary. You may have heard Google recently announce they’re retiring the AdWords & DoubleClick brands. Before panic and fear sets in, and you start reevaluating your ad strategy, take comfort in the fact that this is simply a rebranding and not a fundamental change to the platforms themselves. Google’s SVP […]

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What Facebook’s New Approach to Data Means for Marketers

As a digital performance company, we understand the value of useful data. We know how to gather it, analyze it, and utilize it to deliver positive ROI for our clients. Thanks to platforms like Google and Facebook, we as marketers have access to more data than ever before. Thus, we can deliver information to consumers […]

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How to Answer Your Customer’s Voice Search Queries

Our reliance upon voice-enabled digital assistant platforms such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant into our digital lives is growing as our adoption rate of these new technologies keeps setting records. One estimate (already a year old) put stand-alone device growth at 130%. As a digital marketing agency, new opportunities to help our clients amplify […]

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In 2018, CMOs Will Have to “Grow or Go”

You may have read Forrester’s latest report warning how pressure for growth will increase dramatically in 2018. Citing “grow or go” as the new industry mantra, this focus on outbreak and sustainable growth is prompting many fortune 500 companies to consider a disruptive role change at CMO, preferring to entrust their organization’s growth to a CGO. […]

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Introduction to Marketing Technology Stacks

Here at Enilon, we get questions from clients regularly asking about “marketing technology stacks.” The term has become somewhat of a buzzword, and since it can be so valuable to your organization, we wanted to provide a quick overview of what it is and why it matters. What is a marketing technology stack? A marketing technology stack […]

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Five Email Marketing Optimization Tactics

Too many people overlook email marketing in favor of other marketing platforms such as social media or print advertisement. With nearly 80 percent of marketing emails sent to adults weekly never actually being opened, can you blame them? Why spend all that time crafting an email that is just going to be ignored? This is where […]

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How to Make Purchased Email Lists Work for Your Brand

purchased email lists

If you’ve ever done any amount of email marketing, you’ve probably been enticed or at least entertained the possibility of purchasing or “renting” an email list.  You may have even tried it.  It’s ok… you can admit it.  You were swayed by the instant access to large number of supposedly highly targeted email recipients – […]

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Knowing Joe is Better than Knowing SEO

search away

SEO is a complex subject. It’s not just complex due to the algorithm or the 100’s of factors that go into indexing and sorting. SEO is tough because so many people still don’t understand the foundation of how it works. For those not aware SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s the techniques used online […]

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