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Successfully Transitioning Your Team From Location-Based to Remote Working

There is no sugar coating the fact that we are experiencing unchartered territory as a nation where every minute brings new, and in most cases, daunting information. Enilon, at our core, believes in getting the difficult challenges done. Not just any difficult – your difficult. This transcends size, product, industry, and yes, even pandemics. Uncertain […]

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So Your Office is Going Remote…

More and more companies these days are instituting some form of a work-from-home policy whereby employees can work, as the name implies, from their home, or in fact anywhere with a decent internet connection. Enilon has recently instituted a 100% WFH/Remote policy – with a few caveats (mandatory attendance meetings, client-facing meetings, happy hour, etc…) […]

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4 Things to Think About When Drafting a Modern-Day Digital RFP

The digital marketing RFP process is a time-intensive process, though often necessary when making a big decision and financial commitment. Previous methods, however, may not be the best approach when dealing with today’s ever-evolving world of digital marketing. By asking the right questions and honestly ranking your organization’s needs and wants, you’ll identify True North […]

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In 2018, CMOs Will Have to “Grow or Go”

You may have read Forrester’s latest report warning how pressure for growth will increase dramatically in 2018. Citing “grow or go” as the new industry mantra, this focus on outbreak and sustainable growth is prompting many fortune 500 companies to consider a disruptive role change at CMO, preferring to entrust their organization’s growth to a CGO. […]

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Agile Marketing & Success with the Client/Agency Relationship

Agile principles have recently gained significant traction outside of its origins in software development and have woven its way into marketing. With this movement, “Agile” has become a bit of a buzzword. Agencies are more frequently hearing a desire from clients to partner with agencies who are “Agile.” Admittedly, this bodes well for agencies as […]

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