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Do Not Let Marketing Success Kill Advanced Strategic Expansion

Marketing Expansion Comes On the Heels of Marketing Success Hard-Fought Gains Feed Expansion New Wins = New Growth Opportunities Beware the Echo Chamber of Marketing Success Complacency is the enemy of success, but conversely, marketing success can lead to complacency. You work hard and develop a solid marketing strategy. You run the plan through the gauntlet, […]

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Seize The Data: Testing & Scaling Your Marketing Blueprint

Now It’s Time to Analyze the Data To Begin the Test & Scale Phase of Your Marketing Plan. Measuring Marketing Success The first stage was to identify your needs and formulate a blueprint for building your 2021 Marketing Strategy, either on your own or through an agency partnership. Then came the time to build, implement, […]

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Digital Marketing Blueprint Brings Great Ideas To Life

Your Ability to Build Effective Digital Marketing Programs Follows A Strategically Designed Roadmap Once you have a digital marketing blueprint, a roadmap to follow, what comes next? CMOs and other executives now know where they are going, but this is where the rubber meets the road if the roadmap is to be successful. You may […]

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Quickly Ensure Digital Marketing Success for 2021

Enilon Digital Marketing Roadmap Provides a Clear Path to Growth Are you the marketing stakeholder in your company looking to regain your footing after being swept off your feet by 2020? Many companies threw their marketing plans out the window by the Q2 of 2020 because of Covid19. Are you scrambling to right the ship […]

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Ready or Not, Digital Transformation is here

Ready or not, the age of Digital Transformation is now. Yes, this has been the buzz conversation for the past few years, but the truth is, only the truly innovative and leading organizations have fully embraced digitally transforming how they operate their business from A to Z. Why is this? Well, because of the monetary […]

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Customer Strategy: Creating your Customer Journey Map to Spark Outbreak Growth in 2020

Why Start with a Customer Journey Map? Here is a great place to start as you build your 2020 Marketing Programs. A data-driven Customer Journey Map is critical to delivering truly unique and tailored customer experiences. Creating comprehensive, thoughtfully designed customer journey maps helps brands understand their customer’s shopping, buying, and engagement behaviors and the […]

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