Helping Healthcare Systems Increase Patient Revenue

Connected Digital Experiences

The healthcare industry is entering a golden age of patient loyalty, and thus overall revenue, in the form of the Connected Patient. By leveraging internal and external data, you can employ new marketing strategies to proactively reach new and existing patients via data-driven communications that anticipate their needs and guide them through their healthcare journey, while simultaneously increasing your revenue.

Creating A Successful Connection

Personalization = Results

Personalized marketing - versus traditional marketing - has been shown to increase ROI by 15-20%.

Smarter Search

Getting granular on your connections - being there when your patient searches for their current healthcare concern - allows for smarter and thus more efficient PPC and Organic campaigns that will lead to an increase in appointment bookings.

Proactive Email & Content

Creating truly customized content that speaks to your patient's past, current, and future healthcare concerns, proactively delivered to them when they need it - and thus offering the patient real value in determining which path to choose in their healthcare journey.

Social & Display

Dynamically created content that is tailored to the individual on a truly 1:1 basis and is present in their channel of choice be that Google Display, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.

Connected Patient Journey Map

We begin with mapping out the initial strategic steps of the Connected Patient experience based on new or existing data. The journey map is a preliminary roadmap that anticipates the next steps of a patient's actions, from awareness to requesting an appointment.

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