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Pinpoint accuracy

A great website is just the beginning. Digital advertising puts you in the game earlier, getting your message to the right people at all the right times.

Drive revenue, not just traffic

The online advertising landscape is a moving target—agile and nuanced—and it’s often difficult for marketers to take full advantage of this powerful tactic in a cost-effective way. We stay ahead of industry change so you don’t have to.

We help you create and execute a digital advertising plan that uses the right tools for the job, reaching consumers and driving conversions. We ensure that your ads match your messaging, show up at the right place and time, and support the larger goals of your digital program. And we have the relationships to ensure you get results for what you spend.

Enilon case study: SMU

An emotional appeal on an emotional platform


See how SMU increased leads
in target programs by
200%. arrow

The sales process in the Continuing Education industry can be lengthy sales and highly competitive. SMU needed a way to stand out and be top-of-mind.

We created a campaign that appealed to the emotional side of getting an education—accomplishment, promotion, and a sense of purpose. We ran the ads in a platform that rewards emotional connections: Facebook.

Stroking ambition and ego in Facebook worked in spades. A successful 200% increase in leads to target programs and nearly 600% increase in new leads for the email nurturing program were achieved.

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