Digital is what we do

Marketing is what we understand.
Our clients have a huge impact to make. They know that digital programs and data clarity are critical to their success. They know they need an accountable digital partner to maximize their Marketing team’s contribution to business revenue. We’re that partner. We’re Enilon, and we are committed to driving revenue for our clients through strategic, cohesive and efficient digital programs backed by data.


Using strategy and data to map holistic programs to drive results and provide meaningful insights.


Dedicated to omni-channel delivery of programs to ensure every component stays connected.


Continual testing and optimizations based on data analysis to drive performance.


Jeff Ireland

Founder & CEO

Founder and CEO of Enilon, Jeff is responsible for overseeing all agency business and financial operations. He guides the strategic vision of the agency – providing thought leadership, instilling interactive best practices, and ensuring client satisfaction and agency profitability.

Jeff is no stranger to building a successful business. Prior to Enilon, Jeff was the co-founder of VirtuallyThere Inc., one of Dallas/Fort Worth’s first and most respected web development firms. Under Jeff’s leadership and vision, VirtuallyThere grew from a three-person firm located above a garage to one of the metroplex’s most successful web development firms claiming such clients as Pier 1 Imports, American Airlines, Citigroup, Justin Brands and many more, both large and small.

Claire Brunner

Partner & EVP Client Service

As Partner & EVP of Client Services, Claire is responsible for agency growth and client development. She leads agency business development and marketing, account strategy and planning, and oversees and supports our Account and Project Management departments.

Having both agency and client-side experience, Claire understands the pressures on marketers to effectively navigate the digital landscape and deliver on results. Knowing this, she ensures agency solutions and digital programs are properly structured to produce accountable results on behalf of our clients.

Justin Rives

Partner & EVP Delivery

As Partner & EVP, Justin leads the ongoing innovation, development, and growth of Enilon’s Delivery Group. With a focus on making scalable personalized programs that outperform the industry, he is at home when dealing with projects that demand proven results.

Prior to joining Enilon, Justin served in several management roles leading creative, information architecture and user experience at imc2. With over 18 years of experience, his direction has led to the successful online programs for industry-leading brands such as M&Ms, Olay, Exxon, IAMS, Subaru, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson and GlaxoSmithKline.

Erin Naterman

Director, Account Service

Erin has been helping companies meet their business objectives for over 15 years… and from both sides of the conference table. Having toggled between serving client-side and agency-side, Erin has sharp insights into both worlds and first-hand knowledge of what it takes to strategically manage and grow brands, account teams and client trust. Her 360○ experience is rivalled only by the diversity of B2B and B2C brands she has worked on and industries she has played in. And we do mean play (as in fun). We’re talking entertainment, toys, comics, animation, consumer packaging and electronics for Radio Shack, The Fort Worth Zoo, The Coffee Bean & Tea Lea, TTI, Inc., Mouser Electronics and Schaefer Advertising.

As the Manager of Account Services, Erin turns her passion for client relations and thirst for creative solutions into getting measurable results – and she’s damn good at it. Erin hails from Shiner, Texas (yessss) so naturally we are all angling for a hometown visit (Enilon road trip!).

Jess Fontana

Director, Project Management

Jessica is Enilon’s lead project manager and understands how every detail of a project contributes to the overall success. Behind every successful project at Enilon, you will find her blueprint and dedication. With more than 7 years of interactive project management experience with brands such as Harley Davidson, Samsung, Pizza Hut, T-Mobile, and Pepsico, she understands how digital projects are organized and executed for true results. Jessica is responsible for managing digital projects from inception to completion, using project management best practices to execute projects on budget and on time.

Zach Griffith

Director of Bought Media

As Director of Search, Zach leads our team of Search Marketing experts from Strategy Development through delivery, with an ultimate objective of growing the bottom line.

With over a decade working on the agency side, Zach has gained a wealth of knowledge as a result of managing clients ranging from Small Businesses to some of the largest Consumer Apparel Brands across the globe.

Prior to joining Enilon, Zach served in multiple management roles, leading Search teams at iProspect & Vertical Nerve.

Shelly Fletchall

Creative Director

Shelly has more than 15 years of interactive experience in health care, B2B and B2C. From lip balm to construction equipment to Rx to hotel hospitality, she has dabbled in virtually every industry and with every target market. Armed with mad design skills and strategic thinking, Shelly has produced campaigns for multi-million dollar accounts such as Burt’s Bees, HP Cloud, Vodafone Global Enterprise, Adobe, Secret Deodorant, Caterpillar, GlaxoSmithKline and Omni Hotels & Resorts, just to name a few.

As a Creative Director, her passion is sparking ideas and turning smart concepts into brilliant solutions. Mobile applications, websites, email marketing, social engagement, media, video, digital sales materials, Shelly has done it all and then some. Heck, prior to joining Enilon, she had already launched more than 80 digital projects, having shared her talents at agencies such as AvreaFoster, MePlusYou, Maddock Douglas and Astadia.

Aundraya Ruse

Manager, SEO & Content Marketing

Aundraya heads up Enilon’s SEO & Content Marketing department and is focused on increasing organic revenue. With a background spanning journalism, media relations, SEO, and content marketing; working for both B2B and B2C companies (from both agency and client-side), Aundraya brings a unique and valuable perspective on organic strategy. She does everything from basic SEO & maintenance to rolling out large, content-driven promotion strategies — always delivering the highest-quality work and the best results.



One of our biggest differentiators is our approach to our performance program. It's about quick, daily cross-channel learnings on our accounts. What impact are we making today? That's our focus! Here's the team listening to Matthew discuss his daily winnings for one of our clients... We achieved a daily high in GA goal completions and lowered CPL 10% WOW. #winning #goals #teamwork #enilon #worktogetherwintogether
The annual Enilon 'Merica party! Cheers everyone for a safe and fun holiday weekend!
Kicking off new clients with a little fun, sweat and hard work!
Excited to celebrate our winnings from last night! Enilon and Flexjet were awarded "Marketer of the Year" for Interactive Media by the DFW American Marketing Association. Also Runner-Up in overall Marketer of the Year. Great job team! #winning #goteam #enilon
It may be Friday - but we've got work to do! It's a black blazer and tshirt kinda of day! #twinning #winning #enilon
Every marketer has key brands that they follow - Nike and Starbucks are a couple of ours. Today we had the honor of meeting and listening to former Starbucks President, Howard Behar speak on the growth of Starbucks, operational and leadership strategies as well as working with Howard Schultz.
Got to participate in a AR pilot experience for the Bell FCX001 concept helicopter. So cool!
A little Tuesday afternoon gaming.
Toasting the Addy's and a Flexjet LXi Cabin Collection win!
Happy Bday boss man! Jeff Ireland
SEO & Content strategies are much more insightful when there's a dog collaborating with you :) #agencylife #enilon #seo
"If we have data, let's look at data. If all we have are opinions, let's go with mine." We got a good laugh out of that one... because it's so true. Decisions and recommendations must be backed - that's all there is to it. #PASanDiego
We love Clarus Glassboards! When your client wants to do a shoot in your office in exchange for product... you say YES!! Thanks Clarus! The new go-mobile boards are amazing! Bryce Stuckenschneider, Erin Naterman, Claire Hart Brunner
Claire spent the afternoon with TCU students talking about the importance of Business Information Systems to the field of marketing. Neeley School of Business at TCU #tcu #gofrogs #enilon
When you have a client that brings roses for the ladies in the office on Valentine's... that's a sign of a good partnership! <3 Thank you Perma-Pier Foundation Repair of Texas! We love them! Erin Naterman Leah Vowels Spencer Becca Elliott Kyla Cogan Shelly Fletchall Draya Ruse Claire Hart Brunner
How will you spread the cheer this holiday season and #kickstartkindness? 

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All I want for Christmas is my amazing team by my side!
Join us at Enilon as we help spread kindness! We are asking you to do something kind and share your story using #kickstartkindness or by clicking here (hyperlink to landing page).
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Enjoyed spending the morning with this guy. Jonathan Morris from Fort Worth Barber Shop talking about their social media strategies. #socialmediainbusiness Fort Worth Business Press
We're kicking off day 2 and the Dallas Digital Summit! #DSDAL
Spent #GivingTuesday supporting our newest client Vogel Alcove and homeless children in Dallas. #KickstartKindness
Had fun spending the day on set with our friendly neighbors and Red Productions,  while shooting a video for the best foundation repair company around.
Setting up for Team Lunch Wednesdays! #enilon
We're getting ready for a Spooky Enilon Halloween #fortworthbusiness #halloween #agencylife
Starting the weekend off right. Happy Birthday to Erin!
On Wednesdays, we very awkwardly wear gingham!
Hattie, one of our newer "hires", seen hanging out during a meeting. She's a catahoula leopard/shar-pei mix. Yes that is a real thing and she is the sweetest! #enilon
A little morning humor from our Director of Project Management Jessica Fontana. #dpmsummit2016
A warm welcome for our new intern, Catie! 
What better way to spend your Monday morning than a warm welcome from Rock? #Enilon #AgencyLife #DogFriendlyOffice #MondayMorning
Been a crazy day at the office and got rained in for a bit. No need to worry though, keep your head up high! After a storm comes a rainbow!