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Always Digital. Always Driving Forward.

Since our beginning in 2005, we have been focused on digital and helping clients leverage digital marketing channels to drive business forward. While the strategies have evolved over the past 17 years, one thing remains the same – we have always been focused on helping our clients achieve growth through navigating the ever changing digital landscape. As your digital marketing partner, Enilon will help you evolve your digital program, not just now, but will constantly innovate with you and be your digital partner that will continually drive your business forward.



Jessica Fontana

Jessica Fontana

Managing Partner, Finance & Operations

Claire Brunner

Claire Brunner

Managing Partner, Client & Product Development

Bill Jones

Bill Jones

Director, Studio

Scott Clifton

Scott Clifton

Director, Performance Marketing

Board of Directors

  • Jessica Fontana
  • Claire Brunner
  • Jeff Ireland
  • Justin Rives

Enilon’s Core Values:

Relentless Problem Solving

To thrive in a constant state of foresight and hindsight: measuring upcoming challenges against past successes for every conceivable advantage.

Better Together

Our concept of team, and therefore this philosophy, extends beyond our employees to include clients, partners and all resources that contribute to our shared success.

Intelligent Delivery

We are individually accountable to the collective group with the goal of creating the best team product possible from strategy and implementation to value and cost.

Dedicated to Business Health

A fiscally-responsible mindset – for our clients and by extension, enilon – in every facet of our business conduct.

Act Courageously

Be fearlessly adventurous, unconventionally creative - and above all else - pursue transparency. While not always easy, we believe openness leads to the best decisions.