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We are looking for an experienced content specialist who is not only a talented creator but is also passionate about helping clients craft their message.

We want bridge-builders: creators who are capable of piquing interest and then carrying our client’s customers along the journey from intent to conversion.

Your messaging will disrupt a consumer’s typical behavior of clicking through, scrolling down, opting out. You will give them something to think about, if they came via SERP, you’ll craft content that fulfills that search request. If they received a marketing email, every message & link in that email will be relevant, will be targeted, on-message, and thoughtfully constructed to as to dovetail perfectly with the landing page they’ll be arriving at.

You’re a tonal chameleon: capable of switching between bright, bouncy salt-rimmed copy for a travel site to the technical, just-the-facts-ma’am first impression of a global B2B powerhouse.

Your portfolio will show your best examples of long-form, blog-type copy that develops a subject from foreign concept to embedded wisdom with the room that 2-5,000 words allows. Conversely, your mastery of constraint and minimalism will show how you garner curiosity-clicks in a tweet or Google ETA.

We look for candidates who are not only excellent at writing and creating, but also good at collaborating, comfortable in cross-functional teams and able to provide creative and compelling content.

Your mutual love and respect for deadlines will be demonstrated in your ability to generate all of the above in a timely fashion, which we make pretty easy for you (more on that later).

We value talent over titles and if what we have described has piqued your interest, keep reading.

About Enilon

Enilon is a digital agency located in Fort Worth, TX and founded in 2005, which provides digital marketing, strategy, design and development to a wide variety of clients ranging from non-profits and start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. We take our work seriously and want to build really cool digital experiences that perform at the highest levels for our clients. But we also have a lot of fun and care about your life outside of the office. If you want to work with a small team of intelligent people that care about the work we’re doing – as well as each other – here we are.

How We Work

Freedom and flexibility. All of us work wherever we’d like—reliable internet access is our only requirement. We sign into Slack and communicate asynchronously, work autonomously, and take ownership of our work. We told you there’d be more on this later, so in addition to being a 100% remote team, we also have a flex-time policy, where if you are attending all your meetings and getting your (high-quality) work done on time, we don’t care if you’re a night owl or a daywalker. Oh, and did we mention 100% PTO? Well, we did now.

About You

You are a talented and experienced content creator. You will elevate our customer’s brand story, creating high-performing content within the digital space. You’ll care about a tweet as much as you care about a site’s homepage content.

You have a marketing mindset. You understand that creative writing and concepts must support and elevate the client’s business goals. You get that creating a literary world or convincing a reader of your work is the same as convincing a user to click on what they’ve read of yours. You totally understand the balance of head and heart authority in your content. Finally, you agree with Ogilvy that copywriters are the heart and soul of the agency (just don’t tell the other departments).

You are an effective communicator and collaborator. You love working with a team. You will have no problem communicating with the Director of Studio, project managers, and client partners in our team environment. You are not a prima donna when it comes to your copy – you can take criticism, and you can incorporate that feedback into your revisions (oh there will be revisions) and show everyone a better way to communicate the stated goals of your content. You are not afraid to get up in front of a Fortune 500 CEO and walk the entire c-suite through a proposed content strategy that contains your content.

You’re always learning. You have a passion for learning new things and sharing what you know. You’re honest about what you don’t know and aren’t afraid to ask for direction when you get stuck on something. You have to relish research. When you are introduced to a new client in a new industry, you already start thinking about questions you have, you’re happy, in fact insistent, on being part of stakeholder discovery sessions so you can really understand their customer journeys as well as what they hope to see happen in part due to your content. You are never bored because you haven’t learned “all the things”.

Your Skillset

Content Creation

  • A minimum of 3 years of experience in web and content marketing
  • Develop creative and compelling content that supports the client’s business goals
  • Create content specifically driven toward targeted objectives; i.e. increasing brand awareness, search visibility, promotion, and lead nurturing (building that bridge)
  • Strong concept development and exceptional writing and communication skills
  • Organize and oversee projects from concept to completion
  • Understand digital content strategy and content marketing and its copy requirements
  • Full knowledge of SEO best practices, keyword research, and development
  • Ability to develop and write content outlines, research relevant topics and organize
  • Ability to generate data-driven content
  • Create effective content (short, long, and medium form) including website copy, emails, resource guides, whitepapers, blog posts, articles, video scripts, storyboards, digital ads, etc.
  • Work effectively with our strategy, creative, content marketing, and account teams to produce, implement and measure client deliverables
  • May assist in presenting work and ideas clearly to internal teams and potential clients.
  • Turn complex topics into simple, easy-to-understand content while also demonstrating the ability to amplify simple concepts that may require further explanation.
  • The ability to adapt writing to different tones and styles
  • Technical writing experience is a plus
  • Creative writing experience is a plus
  • Ad copy for Pay-Per-Click experience also a plus

You get bonus points for:

  • Agency experience
  • Technical writing experience
  • Creative writing experience
  • Social media writing
  • Project Management or Business Analyst experience
  • Ad copy for Pay-Per-Click experience

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