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Industry: Education/Construction

Challenge: The challenge at hand was to enhance the existing software by creating a 2.0 version that would significantly improve speed and scaling capabilities.

Solution: Enilon took on the task of custom developing software on the AWS platform, utilizing Python programming language. Their expertise aimed to streamline the efficiency of equations required to run the district voting system effectively.

Results: The results were truly transformative. The collaborative efforts between CoVoice and Enilon yielded a highly reliable and scalable solution. The new version of the software surpassed all expectations, empowering the CoVoice team with the confidence to push the software far beyond the mathematical limits of its previous iteration.

About the Client

TransCend4 is a school district consulting firm based in Texas that specializes in providing support and guidance to school districts in various areas. With over 100 years of combined experience, their team of highly qualified consultants offers services such as facilitating bond committees, managing special projects, and providing professional development for school boards. TransCend4’s primary focus is ensuring that students’ needs are prioritized, and they approach every consultation process by asking what decision would be best for the students. They offer collaborative visioning to help districts reach specific goals, project facilitation to get specialized projects off the ground, and prescriptive board development to ensure compliance with state and local requirements and keep board members informed of the latest developments and innovations.

In summary, TransCend4 assists Texas school districts by keeping their board aligned and projects on track. Their experienced team provides a range of services to facilitate decision-making, planning, and implementation processes. With a strong emphasis on student outcomes, TransCend4 aims to create positive and lasting impacts for schools and communities.

Enilon has been amazing throughout the entire process and is always available when we need help.

The Results

TransCend4, a respected school district consulting firm, teamed up with CoVoice and Enilon to embark on a transformative journey. The goal was to create a 2.0 version of CoVoice’s software, improving its speed, efficiency, and scalability. The success of this partnership exceeded expectations and resulted in remarkable outcomes.

When asked how many times faster the new application was compared to the old version, TransCend4 responded with an impressive rating of 8 out of 10. The exponential increase in speed streamlined the decision-making process, empowering educators and administrators with rapid access to vital data.

Furthermore, TransCend4’s confidence in the new application skyrocketed, with a rating of 10 out of 10. This newfound trust stemmed from the software’s flawless performance during crucial meetings where committees finalized funding packages. Knowing that the system would perform accurately and flawlessly instilled unwavering confidence in TransCend4 and their clients.

The transformative speed of the application revolutionized the management of school district funding, enabling timely decisions and efficient resource allocation.

The impact of the rebuilt software on school districts was substantial. In the fall of 2022, projects totaling $6.8 billion were approved using the new system, a testament to its efficiency and reliability. Of those, $6.6 billion received approval from voters in May 2023. In the spring of 2023, an additional $350 million worth of projects were approved, which would soon go before voters in November 2023. The new CoVoice software became the catalyst for effective decision-making, ensuring that precious resources were allocated where they were needed most.

When asked about their favorite outcome after the software was rebuilt, TransCend4 emphasized the exponentially faster system. The transformative speed of the application revolutionized the management of school district funding, enabling timely decisions and efficient resource allocation. The efficiency gains achieved through the partnership between CoVoice and Enilon had far-reaching implications for students, educators, and communities alike.

In conclusion, the collaboration between CoVoice, Enilon, and TransCend4 set a new standard for school district funding management. The new version of CoVoice’s software was not only 8 times faster but also earned TransCend4’s trust, with a confidence rating that was 10 times higher than the old version. With projects worth billions of dollars approved using this system, educators and decision-makers could rely on CoVoice to deliver accurate and flawless performance during critical meetings. The rebuild project’s most cherished outcome was the exponential increase in speed, empowering school districts to make informed decisions swiftly and effectively.