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Industry: Retail

Challenge: Increase site speed to directly influence the metrics of bounce rate and goal conversions.

Solution: Enilon implemented Enilon’s speed performance package.

Results: A highly performant, digital experience. With the introduction of Enilon’s speed performance package, bounce rate decreased by 10% over a 30 day period, and goal conversions increased 100% over the same period.

bounce rate decreased 10%, goal conversions increased 100%

About the Client

The retail client is a renowned destination for gardening enthusiasts, providing a wide range of high-quality products and gardening supplies. With a rich history spanning several decades, the retail client has established itself as a trusted name in the industry, known for its commitment to exceptional customer service and expert product knowledge.

At the retail client’s online store, customers can explore a vast selection of products and find everything they need to create beautiful and thriving environments. The retail client offers a diverse array of products suitable for various environments and product preferences. Whether customers are seasoned or beginners, the knowledgeable staff of the retail client is always available to provide personalized advice, guidance, and recommendations, ensuring customers make informed decisions and achieve successful environment outcomes. Their website plays a critical role in the shopping journey. Customers can purchase online for delivery, shop online/pickup in store, or browse & plan online and shop in the store.

In addition to its wide product range, the retail client hosts educational events, workshops, and seminars, allowing product enthusiasts to expand their knowledge and skills. With a commitment to sustainability, the client also promotes environmentally-friendly practices, offering eco-friendly products and encouraging the use of organic techniques. With its dedication to providing exceptional products, expert guidance, and a welcoming atmosphere, the client continues to inspire and support individuals in their gardening endeavors.

"Enilon has played a vital role in our company’s growth over the past many years."

The Results

The retail client embarked on a digital transformation journey to enhance their online platform and elevate the user experience. Recognizing the importance of site speed in driving customer engagement, the retail client sought the expertise of Enilon, a trusted technology partner. Together, they devised a strategy to leverage Enilon’s speed performance package and other enhancements, aiming to directly impact bounce rate and goal conversions.

With Enilon’s comprehensive speed optimizations in place, the retail client witnessed a remarkable transformation in their digital landscape. The online platform underwent a significant performance overhaul, resulting in a highly responsive and seamless user experience. As a testament to the effectiveness of these improvements, the bounce rate experienced a substantial 10% decrease over a 30-day period, indicating that visitors were staying longer and exploring the website more extensively.

The retail client’s integration of Enilon’s speed improvements further solidified their commitment to providing a seamless and enjoyable digital experience for customers.

Furthermore, the collaboration with Enilon proved to be a game-changer for the retail client’s business goals. The implementation of Enilon’s comprehensive speed optimizations, combined with other enhancements, yielded phenomenal results. Goal conversions surged by an impressive 100% during the same 30-day period, indicating a substantial increase in successful transactions and customer interactions.

The retail client has always been synonymous with exceptional customer service and expert prime product knowledge. The integration of Enilon’s speed improvements into their online platform further solidified their commitment to providing a seamless and enjoyable digital experience for customers. Whether customers are browsing the vast selection of products, seeking advice from knowledgeable staff, or exploring educational resources, the retail client continues to empower product enthusiasts with the tools and resources they need to create thriving experiences and settings.

The enhanced site speed creates a more engaging and immersive environment for visitors.

Additionally, the retail client remains dedicated to sustainable practices and environmentally-friendly products. Through their online platform, they promote eco-friendly products and encourage organics, aligning with the values of their customers. The enhanced site speed not only facilitates seamless transactions but also creates a more engaging and immersive environment for visitors to explore sustainable product options.

In conclusion, the collaboration between the retail client and Enilon has revolutionized the digital landscape for the client’s product enthusiasts. By implementing Enilon’s comprehensive speed optimizations and various speed enhancements, the retail client has successfully achieved a faster user experience, resulting in decreased bounce rates and increased conversion goals. As they continue to inspire and support individuals in their hobby endeavors, the retail client remains at the forefront of innovation, delivering excellence in both products and digital interactions.