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What the Mergers of 2017 Mean for Healthcare Marketing in 2018

2017 finished with quite the bang in terms of huge deals in healthcare. From the CVS purchase of Aetna and its 22 million paying members (which makes for good math if you accept the quoted $69B sales price that would value each insured at $3136. Not a bad investment since in 2016 the average healthcare […]

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Keeping Patients in the System with Personalized Marketing

We all know it’s cheaper to market to your existing customers than it is to acquire net-new customers. Yet, when we have a service-line goal to hit, we fall back to old hat prospecting strategies. And while prospecting strategies need to be included, we should be deepening our understanding of our existing patients, their relationship […]

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The 5 areas of a Connected Patient Experience

The patient experience is a top focus for most progressive healthcare providers. From a digital marketing perspective, there are ways to enhance the patient experience by taking a “Connected Patient” approach. A connected patient is one that is allied to their healthcare provider via proactive, data-driven communications that anticipate their needs to guide them through […]

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