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The Importance of Discovery

discovery noun dis· cov· ery | \ di-ˈskə-v(ə-)rē \ plural discoveries 1a: the act or process of discovering 1b: disclosure, display 1c: exploration 2: something discovered 3: the usually pretrial disclosure of pertinent facts or documents by one or both parties to a legal action or proceeding Synonyms: Detection, finding, spotting, unearthing (source: Merriam-Webster) When […]

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So Your Office is Going Remote…

More and more companies these days are instituting some form of a work-from-home policy whereby employees can work, as the name implies, from their home, or in fact anywhere with a decent internet connection. Enilon has recently instituted a 100% WFH/Remote policy – with a few caveats (mandatory attendance meetings, client-facing meetings, happy hour, etc…) […]

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4 Things to Think About When Drafting a Modern-Day Digital RFP

The digital marketing RFP process is a time-intensive process, though often necessary when making a big decision and financial commitment. Previous methods, however, may not be the best approach when dealing with today’s ever-evolving world of digital marketing. By asking the right questions and honestly ranking your organization’s needs and wants, you’ll identify True North […]

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How A Project Manager Achieves “No Surprises”

Project Management is something that varies from one agency to another. Some have a full PM department, while others don’t have a single PM on staff. Usually in the latter, the Account Manager is not only responsible for client management and relationships, but also for serving the functions of Project Management. At Enilon, Project Management […]

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Keeping Your Projects on Time and On Budget

Let’s be honest, we don’t like issuing change orders any more than you like receiving them, nor do we enjoy having to rework schedules. So help us – help you. Here are a few simple tips to avoid unnecessary change orders and project delays.  Planning Never underestimate the value in adequate planning upfront. Be sure […]

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