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What We Can Learn From The Instagram Egg

Unless you’ve been living under a rock of late, there’s a war on Instagram where large sums of money and globally-recognized influencers are all losing… to an anonymous egg. Not a Fabergé egg, not a perfectly-lit quail yolk atop a bed of Wagyu tartare. A simple, inoffensive, brown, slightly speckled egg. This egg to be […]

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When To Post For Your Social Media Channels?

This infographic shows you best practices for posting in the top social media channels: Download the PDF version here.

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How To Fight Ad Fatigue

Remember the first time you saw that funny commercial, nodded along as you read that clever advert or even *gasp* clicked on a banner ad because it so perfectly addressed your situation (or at least convinced you that you had a “situation”)? What did you do the next time you saw it? You ignored it. […]

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What Is Social Listening?

The typical focus of any social media campaign – organic or paid – is to connect with existing and/or potential users. The problem lies in how an organization maintains that connection.  Too many times we see the communication only going one way: from the organization to the user, with little to no reciprocity. Sometimes that […]

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What Facebook’s New Approach to Data Means for Marketers

As a digital performance company, we understand the value of useful data. We know how to gather it, analyze it, and utilize it to deliver positive ROI for our clients. Thanks to platforms like Google and Facebook, we as marketers have access to more data than ever before. Thus, we can deliver information to consumers […]

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Facebook’s Content Pivot

Facebook made news recently when their CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that there would be a fundamental change in how people get information on Facebook. While we could speculate and break down all the factors that led to this change, our concern as digital marketers has more to do with the question of: “what now?” The […]

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