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Why WordPress Maintenance Plans Make Sense

Download as PDF SECURITY Do you change your passwords? Do you know what your WordPress Error Logs are, where to find them, and what they can tell you? How often do you backup your site? These are just a few questions that, if you can’t answer them, you should employ someone with the answer. Otherwise, […]

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When To Post For Your Social Media Channels?

This infographic shows you best practices for posting in the top social media channels: Download the PDF version here.

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Static vs. Rich Media – Which Should You Use?

Today, we’re inundated with options when it comes to customizing our ad campaigns. From the humble workhorse – the Google ETA, to the latest and greatest in immersive, augmented reality-based ads, we have an amazing assortment of tools at our disposal. And tools is the keyword. Every tool has its place, and some jobs and […]

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Email Marketing: It All Started 40 Years Ago

The concept of email marketing first appeared in 1978, thanks in part to Gary Thuerk, a marketing manager working at Digital Equipment Corporation, who sent the first unsolicited email with the hope of selling something, to 400 unsuspecting recipients who were using ARPANET, one of the first iterations of what we now know as the Internet. […]

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What The CCPA Means For You

First, a little backstory on General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for those who’ve been living under an analog rock… The GDPR was drafted and implemented to grant citizens of the EU control over their personal data. This law applies to all organizations, regardless of location, that conduct business in the EU, specifically the European Economic […]

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Google Rebranding: What Does It Mean For Me?

Change is good. Change is scary. You may have heard Google recently announce they’re retiring the AdWords & DoubleClick brands. Before panic and fear sets in, and you start reevaluating your ad strategy, take comfort in the fact that this is simply a rebranding and not a fundamental change to the platforms themselves. Google’s SVP […]

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