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Ready or Not, Digital Transformation is here

Our digital transformation plan is MADE FOR FUTURE FOCUSED BRANDS.

You’re likely here because “retreat and wait” is not an option for your business. Because you plan to use this time to refocus, evolve and become the next version of your business.

Our Digital Transformation Plan assesses the current experience your customer has with your brand. From retail to B2B to healthcare, every industry and company is faced with these choices and opportunities.

We believe the businesses that are prepared and ready will be the ones that catapult ahead and thrive. See the three steps we take to help our clients every day, and let us know if it sounds like something you want to discuss.

Step 1: Customer Strategy

Customer strategy drives everything we do, we believe it’s critical to understand and optimize every touch-point with your brand. Your customer has forever changed and it’s critical to understand how so you know how to evolve. We have several tools and frameworks that help us create data driven customer strategy.

  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Data Driven Personas
  • Stakeholder Discovery Session

Step 2: Business Assessment

Working with key leadership we’ll develop a plan that works for your business.

  • Review the systems, data points and communication channels that currently exist and where there needs to be changes
  • Map what can be streamlined, automated or personalized
  • Create measurement and monitoring plan to capture important insights and understand business impact

Step 3: Action Plan

This plan will include the key steps to take to transform your customer experience.

  • Clear vision
  • List of what is needed to support it
  • Your 30 day, 60 day, 90 day, 3-12 month and 2-year plan

At Enilon we have always been a customer-centric, roll-up-your-sleeves and get the job done kind of digital marketing company. We are passionate about strategically helping businesses digitally transform their customer experience and create leading differentiators. We can help businesses quickly create their Digital Transformation Plan and get moving on advancing their digital operations in the immediate and future.


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... Fast forward to today and BAM. The need for virtual operations has hit every. single. business. And not just the business, but every single customer. Why? Because we're facing something so unprecedented and life changing that it has impacted every. single. human on earth.

Partner, Client Development at Enilon
Claire Brunner

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