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Company culture has always been important here at Enilon. But what does company culture really mean? Many agencies boast about their cool office spaces, ping pong tables, rock climbing walls, and silly outfit days. Some may even have strange perks like group coloring sessions, zen gardens or napping rooms. What is strange to one may not be strange to another, but I appreciate that private agencies have the right to be creative and define our own versions of who we are inside and out.

Enilon culture has evolved from the founder and executive partners’ philosophies that are evident through traditions, written policies, management style, social events, recruiting, and overall corporate personality. Here are a few key components of Enilon culture:

Work/Life Balance:

Enilon has always prided itself in being a mature agency that believes strongly in work/life balance.  This means that we want our employees to enjoy their time at work, but we don’t want them to live at work. For this reason, we don’t encourage spending excessive time at work playing games or relaxing in an unstructured way that would require more time in the office than necessary. We believe time outside business hours should be spent with friends and family.

However, having fun is important, so regularly dedicating a few business hours for team building and bonding is critical to who we are. Company sponsored events like catered lunches on Wednesdays, monthly happy hours, holiday parties, and other off-site special events are an integral part of Enilon culture.

A Grown Up Digital Agency:

A slogan that can be seen on our front door reads, “a grown up digital agency for serious marketers,” which encapsulates who we are quite well. The level of professional experience and maturity at Enilon is impressive. From our agile methodology, innovative processes, professional engagement practices, account service and project management models, to administrative processes like accounting and HR practices, we are definitely “grown up” and way beyond what you might find at a “startup”.


Working environment is very important to Agency culture, and Enilon has a cool office to help fulfill that. We begin with a great location in the West 7th district of Fort Worth, with bars, restaurants, salons and gyms all within walking distance. Artistically designed, our floor plan was laid out with group collaboration in mind and provides many different types of rooms for our people to move around & make the most out of their time. In addition to multiple conference rooms, there are single person booths for when an employee needs privacy. There is also what we call the “family room,” which has a large cable TV, comfortable couches, and some toys placed around the room — all in a comfortable, home-like setting. Check out this Fort Worth Inc Magazine article for more details.

All companies have their own culture, whether intentional or not.  Ours is very intentional and we work hard to continually make it even better. Of course, there are other key variables to our culture — such as core values, management systems, team dynamics, specific policies and philosophies that have a distinct impression on our culture, so stay tuned and look out for more posts on this topic.

Author: Jeff Ireland, Enilon Founder & CEO