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You may have read Forrester’s latest report warning how pressure for growth will increase dramatically in 2018. Citing “grow or go” as the new industry mantra, this focus on outbreak and sustainable growth is prompting many fortune 500 companies to consider a disruptive role change at CMO, preferring to entrust their organization’s growth to a CGO. The very change in the title underscores the importance – now more than ever – of how an organization’s data needs to be leveraged with an expectation of growth beyond mere connection. How in today’s environment, the most important POV is a customer-centric one. How nimble, micro-moment digital campaigns are converting consumers left and right. Funding will shift from assumptive show-and-tell marketing to data-backed, consumer-crafted messaging that engages. There is a status shift happening right now, where consumers are demanding a shift in messaging from “come get what we got” to “we understand your wants and needs so well we can tailor our product to fully satisfy both.”

Forward-thinking CMOs will focus on experience and emotion.

At Enilon, we’ve made a decade-long practice of busting silos, domesticating data, and crafting content that influences consumer emotion. There’s an underlying – but not often embraced – logic that says to deliver a truly connected experience for your consumer, you yourself as an organization from the c-suite to the specialists must, in turn, be connected. The simplicity of this logic is ignored by the historical permanence of those hard-to-bust silos. Like time-worn game trails, their existence seems to impart to some a false sense of validity. The simple truth is this: if you follow historical trails, you’ll find historical results. New growth requires a new approach, and forward-thinking modern marketers are using all the tools at their disposal to grab this new growth.

If you follow historical trails, you’ll find historical results.

As with any fundamental shift in your organization’s approach to your consumer, change itself can be the largest hurdle. Marketers tasked with obtaining growth for their company will need to do more than simply identify the needed changes, they’ll need to draft an obtainable strategy for effecting the change in thinking needed to grab these new opportunities for growth – which is an area where we at Enilon excel. We help organizations achieve this shift in thinking by applying our skillset to three key areas:

  1. Through our Connected Consumer Toolset™, we can identify the digital pathways your target consumer uses on a daily basis, through positive ID’d personas, turn-by-turn journey-mapping, and multiple audience tonalities, we help you identify your target audience with performance-driven accuracy and results.
  2. From healthcare to on-demand private air travel, Enilon’s take on agile marketing – with a focus on data-driven conversations – allows us to practice what we preach with quantifiable, performance-backed results.  Through this silo-busting methodology, we can pair your results to your scope for a unique build-measure-learn feedback loop tailored for each program.
  3. With your target consumer thoroughly identified and mapped, and your silos busted, integration becomes the goal of your brand experience – a goal we attain with accuracy and scalability through insights harvested from machine learning

We call this interconnected triad of strategy, operations, and delivery: SYMPHONY™, and we think you’ll like it.

In our current marketing landscape, which can prove adversarial for a CMO looking to take the reins of growth for his or her organization – from dwindling talent resources that force reliance on outside partners to retasking data in new ways to more clearly identify your consumer’s emotional triggers – the need for a digital marketing partner who can work in step with your organization has never been more essential.

As CMOs look to:

  • adapt their marketing strategies to consumers who are now spoiled for choice
  • develop emotional connections that influence consumers in a meaningful way
  • open and align vital channels of communication between all contributors to their deliverables…

…we at Enilon think a conversation around consumer-centric, internally and externally connected digital marketing is a good conversation to have. We’ve been pointing our client’s marketing efforts in this direction for years, working with them from inception to execution to realize greater growth and stronger consumer relationships. If this sounds like a conversation you’d like to be a part of, we’re listening.