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Generating great content for your customers at the right place and at the right time is key. Every marketer knows that if you can manage this, you’ll catch Google’s eye, drive engagement, shape brand perception, and create some very loyal customers.

To get you to this content happy place, our content team helps you tackle the three challenges of content—creating the right content, getting people to consume it, and measuring it. We help move you away from scrambling to just get something out the door, to a place where you’re publishing and managing content that makes a direct, and measurable, impact on your organization’s bottom line.

Enilon case study: Texas Health Physicians Group

Staying top-of-mind with competitive content


Learn how Texas Health Physicians Group targeted patients through strategic content researching weight loss surgery. arrow

The bariatric surgery market is highly competitive and includes a long research window before a prospective patient makes a decision on a doctor. We needed to create a lead nurturing plan to keep the prospect engaged, develop trust and ultimately provoke action.

We developed a content strategy that included a series of content pieces that answer the key questions prospective patients have when researching and making a decision on bariatric surgery.

While the campaign is right out the gate, we’ve already seen impressive stats in email engagement at 75% with an 8% website CTR. These are good early indicators that this program is delivering content that the prospective patients are looking for.

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