User Experience

Loyalty through experiences

We like to walk in the customers’ shoes. We discover how they think and what they want and create experiences to match their needs. That’s how we get customers to follow brands wherever they go.

The beautiful combination of art & science

To create relevant, useful, and emotional experiences that promote interaction between your brand and your customers, we combine scientific disciplines with the more artistic fields. Research, prototyping, testing, and analytics help us identify and organize content for a clear hierarchy of information, and then visual design and writing add emotion and meaning to the digital experience.

And we consider the user, your customer, in every step of our process to ensure that no matter where they interact with you—a social campaign, a website, or a mobile app—they’ll enjoy a consistent and positive experience. The modern consumer expects it and will love you for it.

Enilon case study: Flexjet

A user-centric solution for a highly mobile audience


Learn how Flexjet increased online conversions by
89%. arrow

We had to create a website experience that met the needs of the highly mobile clients of Flexjet, a luxury brand for fractional jet ownership and private sales.

We developed a fully responsive site that lets potential owners explore the full jet collection, watch immersive videos, engage with 3-D experiences, and enjoy a personalized experience.

The new is an experience that is both functional and beautiful on every screen, every time, where clients receive the full brand experience with zero loss of quality.

This new experience has lead to an 89% increase in conversions and 70% increase in site-wide conversion rate since site launch, Flexjet is on track to have their best sales year ever.

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