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Enilon Digital Marketing Roadmap Provides a Clear Path to Growth

Are you the marketing stakeholder in your company looking to regain your footing after being swept off your feet by 2020? Many companies threw their marketing plans out the window by the Q2 of 2020 because of Covid19. Are you scrambling to right the ship for your shareholders, employees, and your bottom line? No one could have predicted the global pandemic, worldwide economic shutdowns, election turmoil, and the shifting market responses to all of it.

Uncertainty has always been a business reality, but with 2021 right around the corner, today’s business climate evolves rapidly, sometimes tectonic shifts occur in the landscape virtually overnight. There is a growing importance to connect all your marketing components so you can have a clear overview of what is changing, what is working, and what is faltering. You need a roadmap that will allow you to get where you want to go while letting you know where the obstacles may lie before you approach them, no more blind hills or sudden curves you can’t see around.

Setting the best possible start for any successful digital program requires:

  • Answering the “What and why?” What are your business goals, what do you want to achieve and why? Start with the What and Why.
  • Stakeholder interviews for desired objectives. Alignment sets a business on the path to success. Begin by aligning with the right people within your organization sets every program up for better success. Alignment helps create priorities and priorities lead to clearer, more specific goals.
  • Real customer personas define the audience and create reliable and realistic conversion targets that are measurable and actionable. It’s important to know how your customers have changed over the course of this year, because they undoubtably have.
  • Journey mapping to learn to walk a mile in your customer’s shoes. You and your team will get a compelling visualization of how your customers engage with your brand. The journey pre-Covid and the journey during and after Covid look different and will present opportunities for you to better connect and relate with your customers. It’s important to understand these differences.
  • Feedback on feasibility provides executive decision-makers with assessment and analysis of potential best-case scenarios, likely outcomes, and pros and cons.
  • Risk assessment, i.e., “what happens if we attain outcome X or outcome Z,” allows you to make wiser decisions for your company based on relevant data and cutting-edge technology.
  • Installing Guardrails for resources to protect your brand, reputation, and bottom line in this digital age providing peace of mind for your stakeholders.
  • Deadlines for stages of planning, build, execution, and a/b testing cycles all working together to build your brand and grow your reach with tangible results.
  • Tool & Skill inventory, i.e., what is your team capable of achieving, what systems do you have in place, where are your gaps and what would be helpful to supplement your team so you can achieve the business goals?

At Enilon we’ve been partnering with our clients to help them navigate the transitions of this year. In most cases, business models changed overnight to a remote workforce, restaurants went from dine-in to curbside and delivery, and medical facilities transitioned away from preventive and elective services that were most profitable.

The need for a digital marketing plan that bridges your business from today to tomorrow has never been more of a necessity. You need a blueprint that understands the customer and business changes of this year and can lead to sustainable, long-term growth.

Then the rubber meets the road as we cross that bridge and begin to follow the roadmap we have drawn together on a journey to marketing success. Together we will monitor and measure the success with guardrails in place, navigation technologies, experience and data in the driver’s seat, and fuel that will lead us from one mile-marker to the next.

Once we have answers to the previous questions, we will have a detailed map of what will happen, when those things will happen, and how. It is time to work with a proven partner to set your marketing strategy right again. Enilon’s proven strategies, experienced marketing professionals, deep data analytics, and innovative technological resources can inoculate you against missed opportunities, marketing missteps, wasted ad spend, low conversion rates, and guessing games.

Enilon will provide a detailed understanding of what you are trying to accomplish and how you will reach your goals. You and your team will follow a matching roadmap developed by Enilon’s digital marketing coaches that will detail the mechanics of how we intend to help you reach your goal and the feasibility and risks associated with it.

We work with your team to gain in-depth insight into your motivators as well as your customer’s motivators. Together we will discover your capacities and resources and tap those resources for actionable results. We will address what may be lacking and tackle obstacles to progress. Additionally, we will have an exact blueprint of what needs to be built for both of us to achieve our goals for this project.

2021 Planning and time are running out. C-suite teams require an excellent strategy for all marketing angles where you can hit the ground running. 2020 has been crazy, with a lot of shifts and uncertainty. 2021 calls for leaders to be as proactive as possible for 2021. There is a tremendous need for understanding a post-COVID customer.

The Enilon Solution
We help you curate all the thoughts, goals, ideas, risks, and resources into one coherent flow of work, with clearly stated goals, step-by-step execution phasing, and end-game scenarios. We do this quickly and accurately with measurable goals and results that prove ROI.