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Remember that customer journey map that you did a while back? Maybe it’s hanging on the wall somewhere? Hopefully it’s still being referenced and used in your marketing plan? How often do you leverage learnings and update it? We’ll talk more on the continual journey map later – but today, let’s focus on the trigger moment.

Within a Customer Journey, the trigger moment is that moment where your Ideal Customer becomes aware that they have a problem that needs a solution and they go on their ‘journey’ to solve their problem. At this point, they are either going to enter their journey fully aware of who their ideal solution provider is, or they are going to be researching to determine who this provider will be.

If we wait until AFTER the trigger moment, then our chances of winning that customer have significantly decreased. After the trigger is a very competitive space to win a customer as it’s more competitive. While we do absolutely think you need to be present here, the goal is to work your way up to a point where you are causing the trigger moment.

The holy grail of the trigger moment, is that you have resonated in a way with your ICP that makes them stop and go… “oh ya, that’s me, I totally have that problem – and oh awesome, this company seems to really know how to solve it.” From that moment on, you are the clear leader. They will dive into everything about your company, your point of view, and be fully ready to work with you and aligned with your approach at the point they reach out to speak to you.

With the right trigger marketing agency, businesses can harness the potential of customer journey triggers to boost engagement and drive growth. These agencies recognize trigger moments, develop data-driven strategies, and optimize marketing efforts for maximum impact. As the digital landscape evolves, trigger-based marketing becomes even more crucial as customers expect personalized interactions across multiple channels.

This, my friends, is what we’re striving for in marketing. To know our customers so well that we know how to resonate with them and provide a unique POV that we’re able to influence how quickly and easily they go through the pipeline process.

So challenge for today – step back and review your marketing program. Are you positioning yourself in a way that you can own the trigger moment?