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In the field of digital marketing, technology is constantly changing. It is vital to stay informed on these new technologies and tools to increase productivity. That is why Enilon regularly researches trends and consistently discovers the latest technology programs that give our clients a competitive edge. Our team locates and examines new tools each month to determine which ones are the most useful and relevant to our work. In 2022 our team found nearly 50 new technologies relevant to the services we offer. Though all had their advantages, five tools stood out among them. We believe these are the true game changers for our work. Find out more about these five technologies in this blog.


NitroPack offers world-class, cloud-based performance optimization. This tool combines web performance best practices with standard optimization techniques in its advanced features. These features are implemented in unique ways to create improved results. Some of NitroPack’s features include:
  • Complete Image Optimization Stack – image compression, full-featured image lazy loading, preemptive image sizing, WebP conversion, and adaptive image sizing
  • Advanced Asset Delivery – built-in CDN; advanced caching management; HTML, CSS, and JS minification; critical CSS; and DNS prefetching and preloading
  • Advanced Caching – smart cache invalidation, automatic cache warmup, and third-party integration capabilities

Pope Tech

Pope Tech offers automated ADA scanning. It automates the ADA scan process by letting you deploy the power of WAVE across an entire organization. Pope Tech quickly scans your site, revealing accessibility errors, alerts, features, and more. These features allow us to prioritize our monthly ADA reports as it points to the areas with the most issues. This game changing tool also gives you quick access to real-time information. The Pope Tech dashboard shows a high-level view while also allowing you to dig down into the details without having to browse the whole site to gain an overview of the site issues. Another benefit to Pope Tech is it excellent for strategic planning. Client ADA budgets can be focused on strategy, solutions, and training versus reports.

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is a fully featured SEO content creator. Perhaps the most valuable of its features is Surfer SEO’s ability to project SEO scores in real-time. Surfer SEO scores content as you write based upon keywords entered into the template you create. The fully customizable scoring gives you more out of your SEO research. It has the ability to pull entities from sites, such as the length of the article, the number of headings, and the number of images, which are all customizable. With Surfer SEO’s automated entity filtering, it determines the highest-ranking SEO entities for the user to select from. These features make content writing more efficient without sacrificing SEO abilities.

Answer the Public

Answer the Public is A.I. for Google Trends. First, it has automated focus groups. Answer the Public listens into autocomplete data from search engines, like Google, and quickly cranks out every useful phrase, long-tail keywords, and questions people are asking around your keyword. The quick-to-market insights Answer the Public offers are invaluable. It shows you what people are Googling in real-time, which allows teams to use this search data to make bold, business-building decisions. It allows digital marketers to quickly react to consumer trends. Answer the Public streamlines content calendars. With endless content ideas based on meaningful keyword searching, content calendars become a fact-based tool instead of a gut-feel document.


Alfred works like Apple spotlight but better. It is a productivity application for macOS. Alfred boosts your productivity with hotkeys, keywords, and text expansion. Some ways Alfred increase productivity include:

Launch Programs by typing Option + Space + Name of Program (autocomplete)
Search Files by typing ‘FILENAME’
  • Preview files by tapping shift
  • Use option or command to get more options
Search any site with a search feature
  • g, duck, wiki, maps, images
  • Shortcuts – sprint, migration, tools, snippets
Mathematical Calculations – results are added to your clipboard Clipboard history – set how long you want to keep images, text, files Create your own Text snippets for text you use often – snip Control your Computer
  • Screensaver, Show/Empty Trash, Log Out, Sleep, Lock, Restart, Shut Down, Hide, Quit, Force Quit, Volume up/down, Mute, Eject
  • Use custom hotkeys and keywords to trigger automated workflows
  • Paste Lorem Ipsum anywhere – lipsum
  • Incognito Browser with IncognitoClone – ic

Your Journey Starts with Us

One such game-changing technology is Enilon, a cutting-edge marketing agency that leverages data-driven insights and digital expertise to deliver unparalleled results for its clients. By utilizing Enilon’s services and expertise, businesses can stay ahead of the curve and outperform their competitors in the digital marketing game. Enilon regularly discovers cutting-edge technologies with our skillful research on the latest trends. It is important to us to use the best and up-to-date tools to give our customers the highest level of satisfaction. With our knowledge set, we are confident that our team of experts can help you no matter the stage you are on. We invite you to contact us today to learn more about our digital marketing solutions.