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At Enilon, we believe that proven technologies are just as important as those that are still on the horizon. While new and exciting tech is something we monitor regularly, we put our trust in proven technologies that demonstrate a flexibility that accounts for the Next Big Thing. So when it comes to building beautiful, responsive, scalable websites for our clients, WordPress is our CMS of choice.

WordPress has been our Content Management System (CMS) of record for years now. We didn’t come to this conclusion simply because of its nearly 60 percent CMS market share, or the fact that over 26 percent of all websites on the Internet run on WordPress, or that it features unmatched flexibility by way of over 44,000 unique plugins. We’ve chosen WordPress for those reasons and so many more.

WordPress is trusted by organizations of all sizes, from Fortune 500 companies to small mom-and-pop shops. Additionally, WordPress is open-source, which keeps the cost of your CMS itself free, as well as the cost of plugins anywhere from free to minimal, which means we can scale your WordPress site to virtually any budget. This universal trust and scalability also means that developers the world over are continually contributing to its already solid code base. With millions of world-wide users, technical solutions or code fixes/updates are often few clicks away, with new solutions being written every day.

Of course, all of these features are pointless without speed and security, especially where Google is concerned. Your website needs to be secure and fast – when you and your customers need it most – and WordPress delivers the best CMS solution to strike a balance between security, performance, and customization.

Beyond security, speed and world-wide acceptance, WordPress’ inherent flexibility allows your site to perform well with outside services, putting content first from an administrative standpoint. This means you don’t always need a developer to modify content, add a page, change a hero image or add a new product. This ease-of-use translates into real savings when it comes to shifting content updating responsibilities from your dev team – who could be better served elsewhere.

Thanks to an intuitive user interface coupled with wide-ranging flexibility, WordPress is the ideal solution for content management. Need a new feature? Done. Need to get a new post added? No problem. Have a campaign that needs a landing page to drive leads to your business? Easy. Is it time to update your online store with new products or release a new product line? WordPress empowers you to get it done in no time flat.

We think WordPress is a powerful tool for everything from small, brochure-type sites and individual landing pages, to large, robust e-commerce sites. It’s ability to be customized, coupled with a large plugin library, and a focus on performance and security all combine to give your website – and therefore your organization – the advantage you need.

Want to see what Enilon and WordPress can do for you? Let us show you.