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We’re always thinking beyond the one and looking at the whole digital footprint. We believe this is a critical step for brands today as they approach digital marketing. Whether we’re architecting the entire plan, or supplementing elements while working in conjunction with your current team, we strive to make sure every piece is cohesively working together so your marketing plan isn’t just complete, it’s strong and structured to produce your desired results.

Industry findings and marketing trends

81% of people research online before making a purchase decision.1

24% of consumers use mobile all the way through the purchase path.2

73% of CEOs think marketers lack business credibility.3

Every step carefully considered

Enilon digs into how your audience accesses information, understanding the user journey and message flow. We build a strategy selecting the right channel and mix of tactics to connect brands to consumers wherever they want to engage. We’re always mindful of the bigger picture—understanding how each piece works together for the success of the entire digital program is the Enilon difference.


We understand how complex a digital marketing plan can become, and we specialize in helping marketing teams fill those gaps. Our highly experienced teams are always looking at how all the channels and tactics are working together for maximum results, not just the micro results from one single piece.

  • Multi-Channel Experience
  • Cohesive Brand Story
  • Cross Functional Teams
  • Data Trends Observation & Insights

What does a 360° Digital Program look like?

A 360° Digital Program gives marketers the ability to smartly integrate Performance Marketing with Digital Design and Development to create powerful digital experiences for consumers. It starts with understanding the consumer journey and delivering the appropriate digital initiatives at each key point that strategically work together to tell the brand story and ultimately drive desired actions. What is included in the program is tailored to each brand and business situation. At Enilon, we love to dive into the situation at hand and work with clients to develop the right 360° Digital Program. But that’s just the beginning. We also understand the importance of 360° (multi-channel) data analysis and insights. Whether we are executing a part or the whole, we believe it’s important to continually work with our clients throughout the program to understand the collective data to ensure we’re strategically making decisions, and driving the entire program forward.

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