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How Custom Dashboards Create Radical Transparency and Lead to Best Results for Both Entities

–You Should Expect Transparency from Your Marketing Partners
–Radical Transparency Is the Key To Combating Negative Data
–Enilon Creates Custom Dashboards To Provide Needed Transparency
–Greater Success Flows from Data Transparency Building Team Unity
–Trust & Loyalty Flow Out of Transparency Paving the Way to Successful Collaboration.
–Radical Transparency Is the Enilon Way: Reach Out to Find Out About Custom Dashboards

The Transparency Fix

Transparency between agency and client is the foundation of trust, and while transparency can at times be a challenge, we see it as more beneficial for both. Enilon prides itself on being transparent with our clients. We can see things clearly through our in-depth knowledge of data and analysis of that data.

First and foremost, it is the honest approach and right thing to do. Just as individuals have the right to personal data, businesses have a right to their data as well, and your marketing partners should be providing open access to your data. Giving clients access to data, both good and bad, is rewarding for both parties. The reward is two-fold: gaining client’s trust long-term and creating opportunities for our client’s businesses to grow. Without full access to your data, some shady industry types were able to hide behind surface-level metrics that made everyone feel good without having to explain them in any deeper detail. That is “no bueno” and highlights just why transparency is a top priority for Enilon.

Taking ownership of the details is the only way to learn and constantly improve. The most successful legacy companies learn to glean ideas from the data, implement proactive strategies, and create a plan of action. At Enilon, we work with clients to expertly craft sound marketing strategies that lead them to the top of their game and into the future of digital marketing, eCommerce, and online brand awareness.

Gone are the days where Green means “Good”, and Red means “Bad.” Instead, marketers and businesses have matured to where asking the right questions informs the color schemes to include shades and depths to those colors. So when you see green, you should be asking:

  • Why is it green?
  • From where is the lift coming?
  • Is it from things we’ve physically done? 
  • Is the strategy working? 
  • What are customers searching for that’s driving the traffic? 
  • Is there a particular product that’s taking off? 
  • Or are things changing in the market demand and with our customers? 
  • Did a key competitor take a PR hit? Internal v external factors or both?

Radical Transparency & Negative Data (The Red Stuff)

Negative or disappointing data is still actionable information. Sometimes this kind of data can be the most helpful. It is an opportunity to change; to implement new, more successful responsive marketing strategies. Acting on negative data can lead to new avenues of growth, sometimes even new revenue streams for your business. On the other hand, not acting can transform the “red data” into harmful data. Complacency or an “ignorance-is-bliss” mindset will do damage to a business in the long run.

Enilon takes a “tough love” approach to data analysis, sharing the complete picture with our clients. We show our clients the “tough love” analysis of their data, which our experience has been how a given SEO or Paid Media strategy is or isn’t working – that is the data people typically don’t want to look at or share. However, we want to share those details and want to face facts together. We do this via a client-facing custom dashboard that allows you to visualize all your data. You can see all your data at any given time, warts and all. Before we discuss Enilon’s custom, client-facing dashboards, let’s mention some questions we should be asking about the “red” data:

  • Did a competitor start bidding on our terms or launch a competing product? 
  • Have people started adopting new phrases and words when searching? 
  • Did one of our pages break unexpectedly? 
  • Is a piece from creative no longer resonating? 
  • Did Google release an update that impacted us more than anticipated?

Asking the right questions of the green and the red allows us to seek the “Why?” This process isn’t always comfortable, but it’s what drives us to dig below the surface, learn from successes and mistakes, and become smarter; after all, knowledge is power.

“This is Enilon’s superpower to the businesses we work for. This is how we can be truly invaluable. Transparency is how we can truly make an impact.”
~Claire Brunner

Custom Dashboard Confessional

Data through analytics and dashboards encourages both trust and loyalty. Your company should be able to access your business’ data in the way you envision it. Cookie-cutter dashboards do not reflect your brand’s image or goals. Enilon creates analytics-based dashboards that give you 24/7 access to data and streamlined reporting. Our custom, client-facing dashboards help create a shared vision between agency and client while providing accountability on both sides. This is Enilon’s superpower! With radical transparency through shared access to data, we provide invaluable insights that create real impact.

Why is data transparency crucial to success?

In addition, shared information bonds parties into a unified team to quickly change strategy and direction. A campaign is never less effective than when the agency and client are not on the same page. Being on the same page takes the edge off performance reviews. Radical transparency will prepare both sides with the same data. Nothing should come as a surprise. Transparency eliminates anxieties leading to reviews because the information is openly available for all team members to see and understand.

Having shared access to all the data sets realistic expectations from the start. Radical transparency is the starting point establishing an open and honest baseline. In addition, this type of transparency improves overall efficiency.

  • All parties are working towards the same goals/KPIs.
  • No wasted time – time is money, after all! Nothing is more frustrating for team members than wasting time. Nothing is more valuable than the time you can’t get back or replenish.
  • Enilon custom dashboards present raw data in an understandable, impactful way.
  • Shared data creates a sense of community involvement, fosters teamwork and collaboration.
  • Transparency through full access to custom shared data dashboards creates a think tank with both sides involved in the action, building programs, and adjusting strategies while being responsive to real-time data.

For an outside article on agency transparency, readers can check out this article from Forbes for further reading.

Accountability and Openness Lead To Loyalty and Trust.

Can there be anything more important in a business relationship than loyalty and trust? We expect it in our personal lives, we want it in our business partners, and no matter the situation, it has to be earned. Accountability and openness are how Enilon earns customer trust and builds loyalty as an experienced and valued marketing partner. In addition, radical transparency leads to efficiency in communication and workflow.

Trust closes any perception gaps between the marketing agency and client partners. Trust leads to a sense of community, builds collaborative capital that boosts involvement from all team members. This trust-based sense of community and collaboration creates a think tank with agency-side and client-side teams getting involved in the action. Customer confidence built on trust allows all stakeholders to participate in the process. Our customers continue to be loyal because we make them feel secure, deliver on expectations, and continuously affirm their confidence.

How Enilon Practices Transparency with Our Clients

In December, we released a blog focusing on Enilon’s custom dashboard creation to share your data with all stakeholders openly. Having open access to your company data creates the teamwork needed to develop, test, and scale your marketing blueprint to reach maximum success. This is why we believe in giving you 24/7 access to 100% of your data–warts and all.

Sharing your data through Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, and custom dashboards transforms your raw analytics data into understandable, visual, and actionable intelligence. At Enilon, we encourage our clients to be a part of the dashboard building process. As a result, there’s no ‘peek behind the curtain’ scenario. Instead, we keep you involved every step of the way.

So What Is the Takeaway?

As an Enilon client, you will own your company data. If your marketing partner is not openly and honestly sharing your data with complete transparency, then “Run, Forest, run!” Enilon gives you a client-facing dashboard that allows you to track your data to see what is, and is not, working in your strategic digital marketing campaigns. Thus you leverage the data to create best practices, target the right audiences, and stop wasting time and money on the ineffectual. There are only a few reasons an agency might choose to keep you in the dark. An agency might

  • Lack the vision to help you evolve as a company
  • Have an unhealthy desire for control and manipulation
  • Fear being honest about negative data or underperforming assets 

Run to Enilon. We hold transparency, honesty, and client collaboration as some of our highest values. Reach out to Enilon to discuss your digital marketing needs and learn more about our transparent, custom, client-facing dashboards. At Enilon, we give you access to your data. You don’t need a little dog named Toto to pull back the curtain. We are open and honest with a “no-curtains-allowed” policy. We show you how the sausage is made, which fosters:

  • Shared vision
  • Accountability on both sides
  • Ability to change strategy and direction quickly
  • 24/7 access to data and streamlined reporting