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Now It’s Time to Analyze the Data To Begin the Test & Scale Phase of Your Marketing Plan.

Measuring Marketing Success
The first stage was to identify your needs and formulate a blueprint for building your 2021 Marketing Strategy, either on your own or through an agency partnership. Then came the time to build, implement, and execute the agreed-upon strategies for growth and success. The third stage is critical, the booster rockets have fallen away, and now the finely tuned instruments and well-trained personnel keep the plan in orbit and on mission. With your new deliverable, you need the framework to monitor key metrics and be sure these metrics precisely measure effectiveness.

How will you go about this? By setting up your build to leverage user data, you can let your customer base define and, by extension, design, the optimum version of your messaging through regular data polling, analysis, and application via A/B testing. No more not seeing the desired metrics in the expected timeframe. We recommend creating a dashboard that is available to you dynamically and ensures you are gleaning what you need for your business and that data and analytics are driving towards the right results.

Monitor Your Marketing Dashboard
Back to the initial strategy session, you’ll have outlined what KPIs you need to track to achieve your definition of success: pageviews for an awareness campaign, dollar amounts for an e-commerce component, cost per customer acquisition rate, and more. Daily I see a local billboard for one of those stand-alone ERs that suddenly seem to be on every corner. The billboard displays the average patient wait time, a KPI that is an important KPI to both the medical industry and the potential patient. I have to admit I am grateful to be in good health right now, but the short wait times’ effectiveness is not lost on me during this pandemic — because of the billboard, I know where I am going should the need arise.

By closely following the journey map and audience personas that you and your agency partner carefully crafted, you can target specific audiences at specific points in time during the marketing campaign’s life. At Enilon, we create a customized dashboard particular to each client that shows the health of their campaign, which can be viewed anywhere, at any time. Enilon’s specifically designed individual dashboard provides you with full transparency and up-to-the-minute detailed reporting throughout the campaign. Again this allows everyone on the team to have live access to KPIs, success markers, tracking data, and actionable intel.

The data collection informs our regular audits of the deliverables and provides performance metrics. These data-informed analyses will allow us to identify weaker components that the team vets against stronger, newer “B-variants” – to increase the given metric, more commonly known as A/B testing. We can change ad copy and creative or create a different landing page experience. The new data might lead to designing an alternate web page layout, changing the shopping cart experience, or a small yet highly impactful navigation bar change that makes it easier for users to navigate to where they want to be.

Where You End Up When You Follow The Blueprint
While you can run a campaign indefinitely, and some clients do just that, for most, there comes a time to “call it.” Either you’ve met your goals and can move on to a new campaign with new goals. Or you’ve learned more than you knew before and can now approach your initial goals with newfound insights and use these insights to achieve the desired results more effectively. Either way, you’ve at best accomplished what you set out to do or at the very least gained immense, data-driven insights into your target audiences.

You will have your customized dashboard that tracks all of the previously agreed-upon metrics, from your various audiences, at crucial points along their journey. You will also receive regular reportage highlighting weaknesses in the campaign and suggest b-variants for testing and improvement. At the end of the campaign cycle, you will have a wealth of audience-focused, data-driven insights, and more than likely, the achievement of your initial goals.

We will have a robust data tracking system in place tied to all of the previously agreed upon KPIs, one that we will share with you via your dashboard. With enough data collected over time, we’ll have an accurate assessment of current deliverables and insights that inform performance improvement.