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A targeted SEO and Content Marketing Strategy can have a powerful effect on both the quantity and quality of traffic to your website. Find out how an SEO and Content Marketing Strategy helped this client increase qualified traffic and leads by 50% in ninety days.

For businesses that have made the leap into the digital marketplace, showing up on the first page of Google has undeniable benefits. But the road to reaching it can be long and hard. Paid media can quickly boost your business to the top of search results, but if the ad budget is cut, you find yourself back at square one. This is the position one client was in when they engaged Enilon for SEO strategy. The company had a unique set of digital challenges, but by planning and implementing a targeted SEO driven Content Marketing Strategy, we were able to help this client not only weather the COVID-19 storm but also begin to close the gap between themselves and some very stiff competition.

In this case study, we’ll review the unique challenges this client faced, the steps we took to plan and implement our strategy, and the 3-month results of that plan. As more time passes, we hope to update this study with even stronger proof that SEO and Content Marketing, when implemented together, can make a powerful difference for a website’s search visibility and their bottom line.


  1. Non-Branded Visibility – Despite having a reputable brand name with good branded search visibility, the client was nearly invisible when it came to non-branded search terms. To boost its non-branded search visibility, the company had largely relied on Paid Media campaigns. But these campaigns were costly and it wasn’t clear how much qualified traffic was resulting
  2. Limited Budget – When COVID-19 hit, the company placed a freeze on all development work, and paid media campaigns were shut off. They kept a limited budget for SEO and Content development but were handling most all marketing efforts with an internal staff that wore a lot of hats.
  3. Hefty Competitors – This company’s brand had become well known for one specific product type, however, they had a level of services and expertise that could easily surpass that of their competitors. Their top competitors had significantly stronger Domain Authorities and Backlink profiles, making it difficult to compete in a non-branded search.


After assessing the available resources and budget constraints, we determined that the best course of action for this client would be to implement a targeted SEO and Content Marketing plan. The content-related activities focused on three main content processes: Reorganize, Refresh, and Repurpose.

After three months of concentrated effort, we were able to help the client increase both the quantity and quality of traffic to the site, gaining more qualified leads and content engagement from organic traffic sources.

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Goal #1: Reorganize

After conducting an initial site audit, we found that much of the site lacked a good organizational structure. Many important product categories and pages were either orphaned or deeply buried within the site’s architecture, making it difficult for users to find the products they are looking for. A disorganized site structure also makes it difficult for crawlers to find, index, and rank pages as well. Due to the budget constraints, we were unable to make any structural changes to the site or its URLs. To combat the organization issues we began working to create virtual content silos. We accomplished this by interlinking related pages in a strategic way, sending signals to crawlers of the connection between and significance of various content and product lines.

Besides implementing an internal linking strategy, we also took the time to structure and re-organize content on-page, moving important resources and links further up the page, while also adding descriptive headings that aided users in locating needed information.


Two of the company’s key performance indicators( KPIs) are Downloads and Contact Form Completions. Here’s how the homepage’s Downloads and Conversion Rate improved once the page was reorganized.

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Goal #2: Refresh

During our content audit, we found that the majority of pages on the site contained thin content and/or lacked keyword focus. It was difficult to get a clear idea of the kinds of products and services offered and how those products could specifically serve the clients’ needs. Overall, the site’s content needed a significant refresh.

Starting with top-level product offerings, we conducted in-depth keyword research to see what opportunities were available and the places where their competitors were winning.

The client’s main competitors had a much stronger domain rating, which meant it would be difficult to compete with them head to head on keywords, so instead we looked for alternate related keywords that weren’t being well targeted by the competition. We then decided on one main keyword we wanted to focus on per page, along with a handful of related terms, and began refreshing content for greater depth and clarity around the given keywords we had chosen.


Below is a sample of the site’s non-branded keyword growth since we began our SEO Content Strategy. By focusing on keywords with high commercial intent but low competition from competitors, in three months time we were able to help them achieve the following:

  • Gained Top 3 placement for 32 new non-branded keywords
  • Increase Organic traffic by 50%
  • Increase Downloads by 64%
  • Increase Contact Us form submissions by 52%

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Goal #3: Repurpose

One of the biggest challenges this company faced was getting their products in front of the right people and conveying to them the value that their products, services, and field expertise could provide them. As COVID-19 took its toll on the market, much of their customer base was looking for remote solutions. The company had the solutions people were looking for but hadn’t fully conveyed the breadth and depth of what their products could do. The company has a plethora of resource materials to pull from including old magazine articles, blog posts, webinars, product pdfs, and visuals. We worked with the team to take these valuable resources and refresh or repurpose them into new informational sources that could be posted and shared on social media. The client had a good awareness of who they would be marketing to and we determined that LinkedIn would be the best channel by which to spread awareness about our client’s products and services.


By taking old materials and turning them into new blog posts, tutorials, case studies, and other valuable resources and then sharing them through the social channels their audience frequented, we were able to help them increase their topical authority within their field. As these content pieces were shared and linked to, we began to see increased impressions and visibility around related keywords we weren’t even targeting in our SEO plan!

In the month of June alone, the team focused on creating and sharing content that featured their vibration monitoring and analysis equipment. Here is a sample of non-branded keyword impressions and traffic growth that month.

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The integration of SEO and content marketing remains a potent approach to elevate online visibility and engage target audiences effectively. By crafting valuable and SEO-friendly content, businesses can enhance their online presence, attract top-level traffic, and achieve impressive marketing outcomes.

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