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Agency life often gets glamorized, and the account work we do can be perceived as appealing or unappealing based on the size of the marketing budget or brand. It’s common to hear things like “Oh, that must be such a fun account to work on!” — But what really determines if a client is a ‘good client’?  Below are a few of the key things that we think make for great client partners.


The key to any great client partnership is clear and frequent communication. This includes updates on the business, internal marketing efforts, project status and honest performance feedback. Agency partners always want to know where they stand with clients and how they can be better partners. Likewise, the more information the agency has about the overall business, the smarter the team can work to support the business. Frequent communication also forms a bond between the client and the agency, creating synergistic, healthy collaboration.

Honoring Commitments

Clients that show up for meetings and do what they say they are going to do, in general, make for good clients.  Having double standards or expectations above and beyond a willingness to do the same is a sign of a partnership that is sure to deteriorate over time. For example, delivering projects on time is dependent on both the client and the agency fulfilling their obligations within the project timeline that both parties have agreed to.  Expecting the agency to consistently deliver on time when the client does not creates for a strenuous working relationship that will inevitably cause stress and put the project at risk.


Clients that view agency teams as an extension of their own internal marketing team will get the most value out of the agency relationship. A partnership, rather than a vendor relationship, allows for healthy, frequent communication and a better understanding of the business.  As a result, the agency can be more effective in developing successful strategies and programs that work seamlessly with other internal marketing efforts.


Trust is something that has to be earned, and agencies do this by consistently delivering on time and positively impacting clients’ business goals. Clients should trust that the agency team is providing sound recommendations and managing the account in a way that adds value and true expertise to their business. If clients have to micro-manage the agency, this is a sign that the trust that is necessary for a healthy partnership is not there.  If an agency feels they are not trusted to do the job they were hired to do, this will cause frustrations on both ends.

Enilon is fortunate to have so many great clients that are willing to communicate, trust and partner in a way that allows us to do the best possible work for them.  Are you looking for a digital marketing partner to round out your existing marketing team?  Contact us to learn how we can best partner with you to help grow your business.