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Enilon Featured in “Dallas Innovates”

Fresh off the heels of a big win at the American Marketing Association’s Marketer of the Year awards show, Fort Worth’s Enilon is excited to be featured in Dallas Innovates as a small firm making big waves in the digital space.

Through forward thinking projects, like the Flexjet.com website which uses interactive media elements such as cross-device 3D implementation, to cutting edge analytics and a fresh new office space, our nimble group is poised for growth.

“We’re evolving to really focus on 360 digital marketing programs for clients,” Claire Brunner, Partner and EVP of Client Services, said. “With that comes a dedication to being able to holistically not only plan but execute on those programs. Our new space is open and collaborative in nature so it allows our teams to work together.”

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Dallas Innovates tells the story of creativity, commerce, and collaboration across the landscape of innovation in the region from enterprise to entrepreneurs, invention to education, and creative to social innovation.



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