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To no surprise, Google is at it again with yet another algorithm update. Last week Google announced they released a broad core update known as their “November 2021 Core Update.” While we have all become accustomed to routine algorithm releases from Google, 2021 alone has been a historic year of changes. Google reported they made 4,500 “improvements” to search in 2020 – compared to 3,200 changes in 2019. There is no doubt the final numbers in 2021 Google algorithm updates will be the highest yet.

So what is to be said about the timing of Google’s November 2021 Core Update? With holidays right around the corner and the importance of online search for Black Friday & Cyber Monday, the SEO community has some raised curiosity. Core Updates typically take a few weeks to be fully rolled out which makes us ask the question – why now? For perspective, Google did a similar rollout this time last year, but after Black Friday. While we can’t confirm or deny any implications about the timing and exact changes to the algorithm, Google’s Search Liaison believes there is no concern for this causing major shifts in organic search.

At the end of the day, it is your marketing partner’s job to stay in the know and track how different algorithm updates impact your industry and organic search performance. Google makes their changes to help deliver the most accurate and quality results to consumers, which is why SEO is always an ongoing process. As always we will monitor and make the necessary adjustments to help organic results end the year on a high note!

You can read Search Engine Land’s post for more information about Google’s November update.