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We get it. You are tired. You’re working around the clock to grow your business and run these amazing marketing programs that are data backed at every level, optimized, tested. In fact, you should actually get an award for the fact that everything you’re doing (within your control) follows every marketing best practice. But yet, the growth isn’t happening like you think it should. What is wrong? Why isn’t this working?

It’s because you’re on the marketing hamster wheel.

Want to know how to make your marketing program work even harder and bigger? Want to drive more business impact? Then you need to think up funnel.

We think about marketing from the perspective of someone being ‘in market’ or ‘not in market’. So much time is spent on targeting those that are ‘in market’ or show ‘intent’. However, the truth is, once someone is ‘in market’ or has ‘intent’ for a product or service, if they don’t already think of you for their solution, then you have to work super hard to earn that sale.


You’re duking it out with your competitors, and it often will just come down to convenience or price… or the sales person that happened to say the right thing at the right time.

Our charge as marketers is never to enter that ring… or hamster wheel. Our focus is to know our prospective customers so well that we understand how to reach them, provide value, create interest and build trust. We do this over and over again, until they reach the ‘in market’ point / have their trigger moment.  Then they go directly to us because all the selling was done a long time ago. At that point, as long as we provide a good experience and pay off their expectations, then it’s a done deal.

As you think about this, think about your current program. Where is the selling happening? Are you selling and winning before the ‘in market’ happens? Or are you running on the hamster wheel?

Change starts now and happens a few steps at a time. Start selling upstream and creating demand that will drive your future business growth.