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While still being in beta, this feature allows searchers to learn why Google ranked a specific website for a desired search query

Google is constantly discovering and developing new ways to optimize their search algorithm to deliver the best results for any given query. They have also made it transparent that having a reputable website, including covering core web vitals and site security, is of crucial importance. This new feature not only helps searchers identify why a particular website showed up for their search query, but it also gives SEOs insight into what keywords can be used to better optimize websites for organic search.

Where is the “about this result” feature located?

We can first explore how easy it is to arrive at Google’s search results feature. Load the Google home page in all of its simplistic glory. Ready, set, SEARCH! We populate the Google search field with a typical query. Yep, we just Google it! 

Our example search uses four key words in our phrasing: Austin, north, carpet, and cleaning. (Who spins a massive thermos on a conference room table?) 

The organic search results provide us with a ranked list of URLs with an icon of 3 small dots positioned just to the right of each. When we click on these 3 dots, the “about this result” feature populates on the very same page. Immediately we are provided answers to the “why” of the Google results rankings.

Robust ranking information surfaces in Google’s “about this result

The statistics begin to unfold providing the extra parameters of any search result ranking. The old standard keyword hits and security parameters (SSL Certification) are still considered highly useful. Most sites pass these criteria upon their launch as they are baked into most modern web design software and hosting services.  

The newest development in functionality helps those searching and those being searched to fine tune their strategy. Today, the addition of four new ranking criteria can be found in this active Beta version. 

  • Geographically relevant pings win higher scores for location. It only makes sense that if you’re looking for a carpet cleaner in Austin, there shouldn’t be results from Amarillo, Albany, or Akron. 
  • Imagery is another useful attention gainer. Title text or image alt text climb the ranks when a solid strategy provides excellent SEO word choice. Word strategy in the image description is a great way to boost position. 
  • The current version is only available in English but expansion to other languages is anticipated for a future launch. 
  • Site traffic with similarly queried search attributes will also garner an upper echelon results position. A search results position that is grouped with well-established websites shows a relationship to positive brand, product, and/or services.  

How can a new results feature improve search rank for my website?

We have the answers! The search results landscape is dynamic. Every single search request incorporates a new data fold, a new anomaly, a new variable, a new digital perspective, or reinforces an already strong search position. 

This data awareness and depth of information is key to marketers and searchers alike. Every company or individual aiming to sharpen their strategy for organic search results optimization needs as much information as possible. Insightful data sets emerge from an endless sky of searched websites and consumer search habits and tendencies. 

These clever sources can reveal data sets and metric footprints that identify specificity in ranking of definable subsets. We can drill down into industry vertical, competitive landscape, and congruent search terms.


Google’s expanded search results tool provides a new intention

The beta version of the “about this result” feature from Google affords users of all experience levels deeper insights simply and quickly. It showcases specific website criteria rather than just a security certificate and a few keyword hits. This tool efficiently provides a fortified understanding of SEO ranking. Take some of the mystery out of the search ranking process and utilize as much data as possible to optimize organic search planning. The search engine marketing team at Enilon is paying close attention to any advantage or insightful data Google affords our search clients. We keep the newest features top of mind to maximize a complete strategic connection with consumers. Be sure to contact our digital marketing experts if you feel your organic search results aren’t driving the targeted traffic your website deserves.